Probably How I Reacted When I Got a Nintendo Entertainment System
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Picture it, you're a kid and you received something for Christmas that you REALLY REALLY WANTED!

That's what happened to this kid back in 1988, and it's probably how I reacted when I received a Nintendo at that age too.

Actually it wasn't, I had no idea what my parents got I just sat there quietly with a 'What's this?' look on my face...c'mon man...I was like 3!

This video is pure 1988 Nostalgia though...kid receives a Nintendo, Ghostbusters in the background, and his kid brother that doesn't want to play with it.

Psshhh GEEZ KYLE, do you even know what you have there! Eff you KYLE!

This of course does remind me of this classic video.

Behold the power of getting Nintendo on Christmas.

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