A Video Game I Was Insanely Addicted During High School? Harvest Moon 64

It's like the Iowa of Video Games

18 years ago, a game came out that not everyone bought, but man...I played it NON freakin' stop.

That game was called Harvest Moon 64, and I was insanely addicted to it.

When I was in High School, I had a friend (and still do) named Mike that was equally addicted to this game. No, this wasn't a first person shooter, adventure, or platformer game...no, it wasn't that at all...

It was a farming simulator.

Grow crops, get married, have a kid, harvest crops, help the village, raise livestock, etc.

Mike and I were so addicted to this game, we would print out paper upon paper from internet sites and create our own strategy guide! Hell, we even made a Geocities website too (hands up for people who remember what Geocities was).

Nerd Alert...I know.

It's not a game for everyone, that's a given. Fans of Anime are usually drawn to this game, and there have been PLENTY of Harvest Moon games. Spanning from where it started on Super Nintendo, all the way into Playstation consoles.

If you have a copy of this game, you have a pretty hard to find game. It roughly goes on eBay for round about $70-$90, which is pretty high for a Nintendo 64 game.

So many nights man of sitting in front of my 24 inch tube TV, jamming 'A Night at the Roxbury' soundtrack (yea...that was thing), and harvesting crops.