5 Years Later, I Finally Beat 'Bioshock Infinite'
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Believe it or not...

I don't play video games 24 hours a day...I know I like to talk about them, but I maybe get 1 or 2 hours per week in gaming. Surprised?

But I finally sat down throughout the last year and played through the Bioshock games again, 1 and 2 specifically. But I never really gave a chance to Bioshock 3, or Bioshock Infinite.

So I set out to play the game, I wasn't overall excited to be taken out of Rapture where the first two took place, but once I dove into the game, I really got into.

Finally last night, I turned the Playstation 4 on again and set out to beat that damn game...and man...what an ending.

If you are a gamer like me, you NEED to play the Bioshock games. They're easily some of my most favorite modern day games. Make sure to get the remastered trilogy, that's the best way to play them.

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