Rock 108 Chats with A7X's Synyster Gates on Cover Songs, Pizza, Road Pranks, and More!
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This past weekend, Avenged Sevefold ROCKED the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, but before the show, I sat down with guitarist Synyster Gates!

I have seen the band well over 5 different times and I finally got the opportunity to hang out with one of my favorite guitarists that night.

We talked about all sorts of stuff like:

  • Current tour
  • Pizza
  • How the hell his hair stays up the way it does!
  • Picking cover songs for the album
  • Pranks on the road
  • Guitar school

There was one thing I wanted to mention to him, but I figured I would let it lie, and that was the fact that it was Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivans birthday that night, and they did an amazing tribute to the late drummer during the show, I just didn't know how to approach it ya know?

A wonderful human being, Synyster rocked the night with the band and rocked this interview too.

Check it out!

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