Get Funky! ToeJam & Earl is Officially is 26 Years Old
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How is this game 26 years old?

Kinda crazy to think, but the funkiest duo to ever step onto a video game console, ToeJam & Earl are officially 26 years old today.

I have some pretty cool memories about this game, more so the 2nd game which was named 'Panic on Funkotron' with my childhood friend Jon. It was one of the few games I played on my Sega Genesis, we'd rent it all of the time.

I didn't end up appreciating the 1st game the most until I was in College for my second year. My college friends Brian and Brent would come over and we'd sit there for HOURS playing the original game as a downloaded title on my Wii. It's easily one of my favorite college memories.

It's a slow paced game that I feel like kids would have trouble playing today, but back in the day man? This game was rad....or funky.

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