Hey, I’m Ned. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Iowa to rock it out at Rock 108. Started my radio career in Grand Rapids and attended Eastern Michigan University for broadcasting, so I guess that worked out for me.

When I’m not busy playing tunes on your radio or streaming thingy, I’m playing video games, going for a run, or watching the same TV shows that I have seen 400 times…Futurama anybody? If one would describe me, it would be…

“The guy that hangs out with you on the couch, drinking Surge while playing Super Mario Bros. while laughing at B Movies.”

Hang out with me weekdays from 2p-7p on Rock 108 and we’ll chat about pretty much anything. However, don’t be surprised if I forget to talk on air because I am taking down Mother Brain in Super Metroid.


A Quick Review of ‘Captain Marvel’

Last night I went and checked out the latest Marvel movie in theaters. Captain Marvel hit theaters this past weekend and last night I went and checked it out. Like I have mentioned before in my many Marvel movie reviews, I really have no idea where a lot of these characters come from and I…read more »


30 Years Ago, The Internet Started ‘World Wide Domination’

Imagine your life without the internet. We’re talking no smart phones, no Netflix, no texting, no Hulu, no online gaming, no Facebook, no Amazon, NONE OF THAT! Amazingly, there was a time where we did not have the internet…where we actually had to communicate with humans face to face…I know, mind blowing. 30 years ago,…read more »


New Rock on Rock 108 This Week

Looking for some new rock? Look no further than Rock 108! Here is some new rock you can hear on Rock 108 starting tomorrow! SHIM-Crucified Slash feat. Miles Kennedy-Mind Your Mannersread more »


Rock 108 Fursday: Thor…The THUNDER DOG!

Man, I loved this big ol’ dog! Meet Thor, who is very well deserving of that name from the Cedar Bend Humane Society! Thor was a big ol’ sweetheart of a dog and I’l tell ya, he is one of those dogs that will INSTANTLY put a smile on your face every single time you…read more »

KNOTFEST Roadshow Artwork - 2019 (Web)

Slipknot Announces Tour w/ Volbeat, Gojira, and Behemoth

Here go with Iowa! Slipknot has announced their inevitable tour, and are bringing along Volbeat and some pretty heavy stuff from Gojira and Behemoth too! Their only Iowa date at this time is the previously announced Iowa State Fair show, but that show WILL NOT include Volbeat and Behemoth, but will include Gojira to open…read more »