Hey, I’m Ned. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Iowa to rock it out at Rock 108. Started my radio career in Grand Rapids and attended Eastern Michigan University for broadcasting, so I guess that worked out for me.

When I’m not busy playing tunes on your radio or streaming thingy, I’m playing video games, going for a run, or watching the same TV shows that I have seen 400 times…Futurama anybody? If one would describe me, it would be…

“The guy that hangs out with you on the couch, drinking Surge while playing Super Mario Bros. while laughing at B Movies.”

Hang out with me weekdays from 2p-7p on Rock 108 and we’ll chat about pretty much anything. However, don’t be surprised if I forget to talk on air because I am taking down Mother Brain in Super Metroid.


Cedar Rapids Man Loses More Than 200 Pounds! [Video]

Someone give this man a hand! Losing weight is not easy. According to health specialists, even I am overweight…mind you not by a bunch, but I could afford to shed a few pounds. I have tried to do this and that, and stay motivated to go to the gym, but finding that movtivation can be…read more »


Woodstock 50th Anniversary Concert Officially Cancelled

Was anyone really planning on going anyway? Reported earlier today, the ill fated Woodstock 50th Celebration concert has been officially cancelled! The festival sadly was riddled with a ton of problems. Set back after set back, investors dropping out, the venue no longer wanting the festival…it’s really too bad, because it looked like it was…read more »


The Black Moods LIVE On Rock 108 [Video]

Yesterday the Black Moods joined us in studio and on air! They played a couple of acoustic tunes, chatted about surviving the weather of Rock USA, and then made their way to Spicoli’s in Waterloo for their show. We caught the whole thing on tape (ok not REALLY on tape…but you get my drift. Check…read more »

video games

30 Years Ago Today, Nintendo’s ‘Game Boy’ Was Released

Now you’re playing with power, portable power. 30 years ago today, one of the biggest game consoles of all time was released, and that of course is Nintendo’s Game Boy. All you needed was 4 AA batteries, Super Mario Land, and you could go anywhere and play your favorite video games! As a kid, I…read more »


What Was Your First Cell Phone?

Seemingly every one, ok take that back…every one has some kind of cell phone today. At one time, having a cell phone was a luxury, nowadays though it’s the #1 Media device to own, whether the phone is a smart phone or not. The first actual phone that I owned was the one you see…read more »


Tool FINALLY Reveals New Album Title

Tool fans? You’re getting closer to a new Tool album. Fans have been waiting…waiting…and waiting for a new Tool album to hit the shelves. The wait is getting close to being over as the band has finished recording and they will be releasing this highly anticipate album on August 30th of this year. But what…read more »