Hey, I’m Ned. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and moved to Iowa to rock it out at Rock 108. Started my radio career in Grand Rapids and attended Eastern Michigan University for broadcasting, so I guess that worked out for me.

When I’m not busy playing tunes on your radio or streaming thingy, I’m playing video games, going for a run, or watching the same TV shows that I have seen 400 times…Futurama anybody? If one would describe me, it would be…

“The guy that hangs out with you on the couch, drinking Surge while playing Super Mario Bros. while laughing at B Movies.”

Hang out with me weekdays from 2p-7p on Rock 108 and we’ll chat about pretty much anything. However, don’t be surprised if I forget to talk on air because I am taking down Mother Brain in Super Metroid.


Woman Who Created ‘Green Bean Casserole’ Has Passed Away

Easily one of the easiest dishes to make for your Thanksgiving dinner. Someone had to do it first, and a woman named Dorcas Reilly was the one to make it happen…yes, the creator of the popular ‘Green Bean Casserole’ has passed away. Tis’ a sad day…for most…I was never a fan of the famed Casserole…Cream…read more »

greta van

A Friend of Mine Met THE REAL ‘Greta Van Fleet’

People have been waiting for the first official full album from Greta Van Fleet, and that has occurred…but how does one celebrate a CD release? Naturally, having a CD release party in their hometown of Frankenmuth, MI! As you probably know, my hometown is in Michigan and Frankenmuth was about an hour drive away. It’s…read more »

video games

This 16-Year Old is a Tetris Master [Video]

Damn man, this dude knows how to line up some blocks. Recently on Twitch, the World Tetris Championship occurred in Oregon of all places. The entire event was broadcast and my thoughts of being any kind of ‘good’ at Tetris flew out the window. 16-year old Joseph Saelee just DOMINATED the group and even took…read more »


‘Original’ Nintendo is Now 33 Years Old!

Video Gaming was never the same after the release of this VCR looking box. The Nintendo Entertainment System was released this week in 1985, making the classic console 33 years old! Ask pretty much anyone and they can tell you a story of when they played the NES and Super Mario Bros. I even remember…read more »


New Rock Added This Week on Rock 108 (10/19)

Looking for the newest rock? We have you covered here on Rock 108! Here are the new songs you’ll be hearing soon on Rock 108! Five Finger Death Punch-When the Seasons Change Halestorm-Do Not Disturbread more »