Payton's Top Moments of 2017
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1.Starting at Rock108!

Mid February I picked up my life and moved to Iowa to start rocking out with you all right here on Rock108! This obviously has been the biggest moment of my 2017 since everything else to follow all happened from making this move out here. When I first listened to Rock108 I knew I had to be on air here! The music absolutely rock’s and I feel so honored to be able to join you all on air. Cannot wait to see what my 2018 will look like with Rock108.

2. Metallica, A7x, and Volbeat stop in Iowa

I know Ned started with this on his list and i’m honestly not surprised! I had never had the chance to see any of these artists before, even though I grew up loving Metallica and A7x. Every one of these bands blew me away with their live performances. It was a beautiful summer day and I got to spend it with some of my amazing co-workers. It was my first major rock show I had the chance to attend here in Iowa, and I was definitely blown away.

3. Foo Fighters in Des Moines

Another major highlight from this year was getting to see the Foo Fighters live for the first time! I was lucky enough to get to attend with our program director who has a major crush on Dave Grohl (can you blame her?) so she got us up extremely close to the stage. Even with having a hoarse voice, Grohl absolutely blew me away with his stage presence. The opening band, The Struts, also put on a really fun performance and I would not mind catching them at a live show again.

4. Doing Photography for Kansas and Winger

Our sister station KOKZ sponsored the Kansas and Winger concert that took place earlier this year at the McElroy Auditorium in Waterloo! Concert photography is a side hobby I picked up years ago and I love getting the chance to shoot a concert whenever I can! Both bands put on an awesome performance and I got some pretty sweet shots of them as well. I added my favorite photo from the show in this blog!

5. Discovering some awesome local music

I am a huge advocate for supporting local music and I was so happy when I found out the Cedar Valley actually has some pretty amazing local bands! Live music is seriously what fuels me. I am always looking for the next concert I can go to so having some really cool little local venues like Spicoli’s and Octopus has helped keep me sane!

6. Closing up the year

2017 has been an extremely defining year of my life. I have learned so much about myself this year and I am so thankful for that! I am excited to take all the new life lessons I have learned this year into 2018 to make it the best year yet!

  • Weekends
    Thanks to my mom and dad for raising me on Rock N Roll, I have ventured from Chicago to come rock out with the best of Iowa. If you're trying to find me outside the studio your best bet will be front row at a concert, behind a camera lens, or hidden away behind a book :)

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