Thanks to my mom and dad for raising me on Rock N Roll, I have ventured from Chicago to come rock out with the best of Iowa. If you're trying to find me outside the studio your best bet will be front row at a concert, behind a camera lens, or hidden away behind a book :)

  • Noise From The Garage Week 3

    Noise From the Garage is back for week 3 exculisvely on Rock108! This week I will be showing off band's a little more on the alternative side from all over the Midwest! Noise From the Garage shows off local band's every Sunday from 7-9pm on Rock108. 

    Crystal City- Summertime’s Here

    Condor & Jaybird- You’re Right

    Phantom Killer- The Garden

    The August Guns- Save Our Soul

    Origami Button- Oil & Water

    Guss Royall- Castle

    Rotten Mouth- I’m in Line

    Arvia- Hit and Run

    Stop. Drop. Rewind- I Was A Portrait

    Stop. Drop. Rewind- The Entire Orchestra

    High Point- Different Conversations

    Songbat Blvd- Energy

    Songbat Blv- Animalz

    Blacklist Regulars- Superhuman

    Blacklist Regulars- Animal

    He Nis Ra- All In

    He Nis Ra- Tanked

    Every Day’s Rain- No Escape

    Every Day’s Rain- Distorted Words

    Overclocked- Lack

    Failure of Progress- My Life in Transit

    This Dream We Speak- Outline

    Hazer- Easy Way Out & blow me away

    Silent Redemption- Social Life

  • This song may sound familiar if you caught Tool on tour in 2015. The new song, Descending has found it's way into their live shows but it will be apart of their upcoming album. Stay tuned for more album updates from the band and check out the clip of their tune below!
  • Who says Rock N Roll is a young mans game? This 68 year old women took to the stage for the hit TV Show Britain's Got Talent and completely blew away the audience with a cover of AC/DC's hit tune Highway to Hell! Check it out for yourself below.
  • On April 8th, local band's Far From Fearless and Shattered Crown joined Payton in the studio for an interview as part of Noise From the Garage! NFTG is a 2 hour segment that airs Sunday Night's with a focus on local Midwest band's. Both of these Iowa band's have a ton of cool stuff going on in 2018, check it out in the video below!
  • Sham Pain is the title of the new Five Finger Death Punch Song that focuses on the struggles the band has faced over the past year with Suing their label and front man Ivan Moody taking a break from the band to focus on rehab.
  • Bad Wolves have been releasing new music for 2018 like it's their job....oh wait.
  • Noise From The Garage
  • Slipknot's performance from Knotfest in Mexico City from 2015 is highlighted in their live album and dvd Day Of The Gusano. The band has shared with fans a video of them performing their hit tune Before I Forget and the festival looks insane. Check out the video below and grab your full video coverage of the fest today!
  • For the past 2 months, Disturbed have been working hard in the studio to bring fan's new music. We know they have been working on a new acoustic EP, but the electric video below is leading us to believe a new full length album can also be expected. Check out their latest studio update below!
  • This past Sunday Rock108 kicked off a brand new feature called Noise From The Garage. The focus of the show is to promote and show off local rock band's from all over the Midwest! For the second week I am excited to turn the music up and get heavy!