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Audio from Metallica’s 1st Show With Cliff Burton

March 5th, 1983. Metallica take the stage in San Fran for the first time with Cliff Burton on the bass and Dave Mustaine is still on the lead guitar. The entire show is recorded which you can listen to below, but keep in mind this is a raw recording from the 80’s. While the quality is not…read more »


How Candy Canes are Made

Candy canes are a holiday candy I thoroughly enjoy, but have you ever wondered how they are made? How they perfectly swirl white and red together to make such a delicious treat? Well wonder no more! This handy video below takes you through the candy making process. And now, I want some candy canes..  read more »


Guss Royall Live on Noise From the Garage

Noise From the Garage is a local music segment focusing on bands from all around the Midwest taking place on Rock108 Sunday’s from 7-9pm. This past Sunday, I was joined in the studio by local Cedar Valley group, Guss Royall. Their next album, Run Run, will be released on New Years Eve at their album release show taking place at Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo!…read more »


Crowd Surfing Fail [NSFW]

I feel it is only right that one day I try my chance at crowd-surfing. I have always chickened out at the chance mainly because of horror stories of people being dropped or pick-pocketed while surfing the crowd. But this stage dive below might be one of the most hilarious crowd surfing fails I have…read more »


Noise From the Garage for December 23rd

2018 is quickly coming to an end and the 2nd half of tonight’s segment of Noise From the Garage will be focusing on the New Year’s Eve Festivities taking place at our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Local Cedar Valley band, Guss Royall will be hosting their CD release show that evening and will be joining me in the…read more »


Apocalyptica is Coming to the Midwest

You may have seen me share a video or two before from the group Apocalyptica who have an entire album of Metallica covers done on 4 cello’s. They are bringing their Metallica cover show to the Midwest and it will not be a show to miss! May 25th is when the group will be stopping in Milwaukee, WI,…read more »

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