Dave Grohl as Satan on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dave Grohl dressed as Satan is nothing new if you have seen the Tenacious D movie, The Pick of Destiny, He brought back his role of the Devil this past week as apart of a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out his debate with God  below.  read more »



It’s Florida Friday for the Daily Dumbass, although this entire week has featured the not-so-bright from the sunny state. Today’s story features a Florida Women who discovered the hard way that 911 does not arrange Uber rides. On Tuesday evening, the clearly intoxicated women called the emergency line to ask them for help to request…read more »


Noise From the Garage for December 15th

Tonight’s segment of Noise From the Garage taking place exclusively on Rock108 will be showing off some pretty killer rock n roll. I have a few new artists to share with you as well as some new songs from artist’s we’ve played in the past!  Make sure to get out and enjoy some live music with our…read more »


Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged From 1992

Ahh the 90’s. Such a changing time for the rock music scene with Seattle Grunge taking over and MTV actually playing music. One of the most well known bands to come out of the 90’s, Pearl Jam, did a pretty killer MTV Unplugged performance and you can check out their performance of their tune Black below!  …read more »


Linkin Park Performing in Grand Central Station

It still brings tears to my eyes knowing I will never get the chance to see Linkin Park live, but luckily so many amazing videos of them are all over the internet. I recently stumbled upon this video of them performing live in Grand Central Station and it brought me chills so I had to share with…read more »


Getting Drunk on Marilyn Manson’s Absinthe

Rock N Roll and Alcohol go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that many rock artist like to come out with their very own beer and liquors. It should also be no surprise that Marilyn Manson would go as crazy with liquor as he could by creating a 66.6% absinthe. A couple of brave souls…read more »

James Patrick