Royal Blissmas at Spicoli’s Reverb

Royal Bliss brought their Blissmas tour to Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo December 7th, presented by Rock108! The show kicked off with amazing local bands; Beyond the Silence, Sorry Pluto, The Zealots, and The Rumours! Check out our coverage of the show below.  read more »


Noise From the Garage for December 9th

Today’s segment of Noise From the Garage will be featuring all different styles of rock that every fan can enjoy! Metal fans, get ready to crank your speakers in the 2nd hour! We will be featuring two up-coming metal shows that are also fundraisers! One of these events will be taking place with our sponsors, Spicoli’s…read more »


Grammy Nominee’s For Rock Categories 2018

Music award show’s don’t always do the best job at properly representing Rock music, but this year the Grammy’s did choose surprisingly better than normal. This is the first time in years that the Metal selections weren’t overrun by cover songs. The Grammy Award’s will be taking place on February 10th, 2019. Check out the rock nominees below or…read more »


Jimi Hendrix Woodstock Performance

When people ask me if I could travel back in time to any event, I always respond with Woodstock. I love music festivals and try to attend a few a year when possible, but Woodstock was so much more than just a music festival. So many artists that I appreciate put on some of their…read more »



Taco Bell, a place most American’s enjoy getting a cheap excuse for Mexican food. Typically, people are in a pretty good mood when eating tacos. Not this Florida couple who was enjoying a dinner together in a Taco Bell when they began arguing over the husband’s drinking problem. The wife ended up using her Burrito…read more »


Noise From the Garage for December 2nd

Can you believe it’s December already? If you need some entertainment to keep you going while snuggled up inside, then join me tonight for a brand new segment of Noise From the Garage from 7-9pm exclusively on Rock108. Keep warm with some live music by checking out our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Follow along with our Midwest Music lineup below!…read more »

James Patrick