Russ is the newest member of the Rock 108 family and therefore must hold the doors for JP, Ned and Payton whenever they enter or exit a room. The self described “Radio Nerd” is a veteran of Rock and Alternative radio stations from Boston (his hometown), to New York, San Diego and Baltimore to name just a few. When contacted by the Rock 108 website team for this blurb he was quoted as saying “Get off my lawn”! We know Russ has developed a strong liking of the Midwest, it’s culture, minor league and collegiate sports, and the “strangely intense weather patterns no matter the season”. Listen to Russ Mid-days and afternoons with Ned on the 4:20 Music Meeting. Russ’ favorite websites for wasting time and being entertained are: I waste so much time and The Only NFL Team That Matters


Maynard Gives a NEW, NEW Date for the NEW ALBUM

NEW TOOL!  How many times have we heard this? You can see the Tweet here.  It seems Maynard wants to set the record straight after apparently bogus information came out of the Tool camp about April being the release… “Update- Midway through mixing. Most likely be a few recalls. Then some arguing. Then Mastering, Artwork,…read more »


Disturbed Rocks the Armed Forces

The USO brought DISTURBED to Creech Air Force Base, Nevada to meet the guys behind the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) mission and perform the base’s first-ever concert on October 23. Watch the video below it’s very cool!read more »

ca,p anarchy

Punk Rock Summer Camp is a Thing

Sorta!  It’s a three day summer camp for the original Punk Generation AKA GEEZERS Moshing!  A new three-day Punk music festival/”campout” near Columbus, Ohio has been announced for 2019. Camp Anarchy will take place May 31-June 2 just outside of Columbus at the Legend Valley venue/campgrounds in Thornville, Ohio. The announced music lineup for the…read more »



I received and email from Disturbed’s management today.  Here’s what it said; Good morning! Disturbed has announced that their new record is finished, and kicking off the cycle by letting the fans choose which style of song they’d like the first single to be. CLICK HERE to cast your vote and watch the latest update…read more »

James Patrick