Russ is the newest member of the Rock 108 family and therefore must hold the doors for JP, Ned and Payton whenever they enter or exit a room. The self described “Radio Nerd” is a veteran of Rock and Alternative radio stations from Boston (his hometown), to New York, San Diego and Baltimore to name just a few. When contacted by the Rock 108 website team for this blurb he was quoted as saying “Get off my lawn”! We know Russ has developed a strong liking of the Midwest, it’s culture, minor league and collegiate sports, and the “strangely intense weather patterns no matter the season”. Listen to Russ Mid-days and afternoons with Ned on the 4:20 Music Meeting. Russ’ favorite websites for wasting time and being entertained are: I waste so much time and The Only NFL Team That Matters



When July 4th falls mid-week things get a little confusing. Here’s a list of what’s going on throughout Easter Iowa, rockets red glare wise, for Wednesday. Anamosa: July 4: The Blue 60 band will play at 6 p.m. at the Anamosa Football Field. Full concessions will be available and fireworks will be at 9:45 p.m.…read more »

New Music Video

We have some pretty great new music on the air right now so I thought I’d use this space to post videos of some of our new music. Of course I’ll also post other stuff here like cats and dogs relieving themselves on owners foo-foo bedding and drunk people doing drunk people stuff — you…read more »

James Patrick