Noise From the Garage for June 15th

Noise From the Garage for June 15th

It’s Sunday so you know what that means, another segment of Noise From the Garage is coming your way only on Rock108! We’re taking two hours of radio time to share some kick-ass Midwest rock bands with you to close out your weekend! I have a ton of new music to feature for you this evening so check out tonight’s lineup below and tune in from 7-9pm only on Rock108!


Noise From the Garage Music: 

Display Case- Simmer, Settle

Origami Button- Oil & Water

Sweet Ascent- My Life

Sweet Ascent- Watch it Burn

He-Nis-RaAll In

He-Nis-Ra- Tanked

Six Shots Til Midnight- Strength Within

Six Shots Til Midnight- Crosshairs on the Innocent

Silent Redemption- New Caught

Silent Redemption- Choices

Hell’s Own Drag- Amputize

Gabriel and the Apocalypse- Until We Dream

Through the Darkness- The Falling of a Dream

Odd’s of an Afterthought- Share My Grave

Odd’s of an Afterthought- Stronghold

Careful Gaze- Cavendish

Careful Gaze- Wolf

Grave Corps- Rise

Heart of Flesh- Jane Walsh

Heart of Flesh- Bullet

Avoid.- Once

Manhattan Blockade- Compliments and Lies

Archers- Bleed For This