Noise From the Garage Hometown Throw down

Noise From the Garage Hometown Throw down

Noise From the Garage is ready to rock your airwaves tonight from 7-9pm with a special focus on band’s from right here in Iowa! We have so much talent in our state alone I figured it was time to do a little hometown throwdown and focus on the band’s you can get out and see live! Don’t forget to be checking out upcoming show’s through our official sponsor Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo at Take a peak at tonight’s lineup below and tune in for Noise From the Garage from 7-9pm right here on Rock108! 


Ataraxis Movement- Where We Going

September Circle- MK Ultra

Hell’s Own Drag- Amputize

Veir the Silence- Serpentine Queen

Ruptured- Burning Man

Syck- Teach Me

Dueling at Dawn- The Gallows

Six Shots Til Midnight- Strength Within

Stars in Toledo- Mavericks

Guss Royall- This Old House

Viva Moxie- Shot Down

Hazer- Blow Me Away

Telekenetic Yeti- Beneath the Black Sun

The August Guns- Save Our Souls

Illegal Smile- Common Regret

The Fuss- Ghost

The Fuss- Stuck on the Phone

NAOMI- Earth Give Way

Arizona Landmine- When Will I Ever Learn

Wenslow- Song of the Lost

404- Spin Off

High Point-  Different Conversations

The Mamiltons- Keep Moving