Noise From the Garage for November 4th

Noise From the Garage for November 4th

It’s crazy that it is already November! Time flies while you’re having fun, right? Well get ready for some more fun this evening on Rock108 with Noise From the Garage taking over the airwaves from 7-9pm. I have a killer lineup of local Midwest bands to keep your Sunday night rockin’. Check out the lineup below and make sure to keep an eye on the concert calendar for Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo. They are your home for live music, and Noise From the Garage is your home for local rock.


Radda Radda- Into the Dark

Space Monkey Mafia- Don’t Walk Away

Other Brothers- Born Outta Tune

Evan Stock Band- Melt The Sun

Evan Stock Band- The Satisfier

Hex Girls- Bite Outta Life

Harper’s Jar- Ode to a Luna Moth

Guss Royall- This Old House

Lefthand Lover- Neverwell

Songbat Blvd- Salivate

Dreamhouse- Clarity

The Fuss- Ghost

Hazer- Bad Kids

All The Wine- Heavy Lights

The Zealots- Tangerine Dreams

Illegal SmileWithout a Name

Conway- Every Single Time

Divide The Fall- Our Existence

Divide The Fall- The Storm

Six Shots Til Midnight- Strength Within

Late Night Fights- The Whole World Is On Drugs

Fool’s Brew- Ghostwriters

Dark Agenda- Vampire