Noise From the Garage for November 11th

Noise From the Garage for November 11th

I am pretty stoked to share with you tonight’s segment of Noise From the Garage  which is coming your way from 7-9pm exclusively on Rock108. We will be closing tonight’s show with a special acoustic song performed live in the studio from Stoned Crow out of the Cedar Valley. They will be opening for Saliva at our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo coming up November 17th! Check out the rest of tonight’s lineup below and join me tonight for Noise From the Garage! 


The Derision Cult- The Weird Turn Pro

Gabriel and the Apocalypse- Thrill of the Kill

Bullet to the Heart- Locked Inside

City of the Week- Not This Time

Grave Corps- Midnight Feature

Grave Corps- Die Pretty

Heart of Flesh- Bullet

Heart of Flesh- Jane Walsh

Blacklist Regulars- Superhuman

He-Nis-Ra- Tanked

Parker-Never Growing Old  

Careful Gaze- Wolf

Say Days Ago- Disquiet

Illegal Smile- Glued Laces

High Point- Different Conversations

The Missing Letters- Anything But This

Carrying Torches- Anymore

Guss Royall- This Old House

The Legal Immigrants- Capture

The Legal Immigrants- Hang On

Stoned Crow Live Performance