NFTG For November 18th

NFTG For November 18th

Get ready to close out your weekend with another 2 hours of kick ass local bands on Noise From the Garage! Local bands from all over the Midwest share their music every Sunday evening right here on Rock108! Noise From the Garage is sponsored by Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Check out their concert calendar and follow along with tonight’s lineup below!


Major Moment- Before It’s Too Late

Wenslow- Song of the Lost

Conway- Forbidden Fruit

Action/Adventure- Parachutes

Slow Retreat- Broken Compass

The Illusive Flavor- Where Ya Gunna Go

The Flips- What’s the Plan

The Rumours- I want Your Love

Revolt coda- Tonight

Faces Turned Ashen- The Bishop

Faces Turned Ashen- Relapse

The Zealots- Only Rocks Live Forever

City of the Weak- Pardon Me

Late Night Fights The Whole World is on Drugs

Late Night Fights- Fuel the Disease

Fools Brew- Ghostwriters

Lower Automation- The Pulpit Tumble

Lower Automation- Decorated

Dark Agenda- Vampire

Legion of Kings- Invariance

Telekenetic Yeti- Stoned and Feathered

Genotype- Temple of saturn

Genotype- Silence