Noise From the Garage For November 25th

Noise From the Garage For November 25th

Ready for a night of some awesome local rock music? Than tune in for Noise From the Garage exclusively on Rock108 Sunday evenings from 7-9pm! Tonight we will flow from some softer rock until we have your speakers ready to blow by the end of the show. No new artists to share but a few new tunes will be premiered this evening. A reminder that Noise From the Garage is sponsored by Spicolis Reverb in Waterloo! Make sure to check out their concert calendar for up-coming shows and follow along with tonight’s music lineup below!



Condor & Jaybird- No Why

The August Guns- Fire in the Sky

The August Guns- Tonight We Fly

High Point- Black Coffee

Five Am- Up To No Good

Blacklist Regulars- Animal

Illegal Smile- Memoir

Illegal Smile-  Consume Me

Say Days Ago- Disquiet

Hazer- Easy Way Out

Hazer- Blow Me Away

The Zealots- Alabama Gentleman 

Guss Royall- Castle

Guss Royall- This Old House

Odds of an Afterthought- Strongholds

Odds of an Afterthought- Share My Grave

Faith in the Fallen- No Tomorrow

Freakabout- Queen of the Dust

B.I.V- Tether

Manhattan Blockade- Don’t Taze Me Bro  

Doppleganger- Worst Case Ontario

Guilty of Treason- Prisoner of Mind

Hardship- Divine Miracle