Noise From the Garage for December 2nd

Noise From the Garage for December 2nd

Can you believe it’s December already? If you need some entertainment to keep you going while snuggled up inside, then join me tonight for a brand new segment of Noise From the Garage from 7-9pm exclusively on Rock108. Keep warm with some live music by checking out our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Follow along with our Midwest Music lineup below!


The Smokes- American Dream

The Smokes- Ones a Crowd

Knubby- She Don’t Always Play By The Rules

Hex Girls- Whats Eating You

Hex Girls- Toothpick Decay

Space Burial- Prom Song

Lefthand Lover- Neverwell

Last Import- Money

The Fuss- Ghost

The Legal Immigrants- Hang On

The Legal Immigrants- Stole From the Sun

Lavender Daughter- Run

Lavender Daughter- The Blue

Average Mammals- Small Talks

Evan Stock Band- The Satisfier

Dreamhouse- Clarity

City Mouth- Body And Blood

City Mouth- Curse My Name

Guilty of Treason- Call to the Void

St. October- Eclipsing

St. October- Gravewalker

Of Virtue- Torn Away

Of Virtue- Surrounded