Noise From the Garage for December 15th

Noise From the Garage for December 15th

Tonight’s segment of Noise From the Garage taking place exclusively on Rock108 will be showing off some pretty killer rock n roll. I have a few new artists to share with you as well as some new songs from artist’s we’ve played in the past!  Make sure to get out and enjoy some live music with our sponsor’s, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo!  Grab a drink, grab a friend, and get ready to rock from 7-9pm with tonight’s lineup below!


The Smokes- Vanguard

Lavender Daughter- Surf Cop

Megapunch- Magic Carpet Ride

Overclocked-  Triangle Shover

Overclocked- A Muse

Illegal Smile- Consume Me

Illegal Smile- DMR

Guss Royall- This Old House

The Rumours- Hot Bang

DayTime Hooker- Light it Up

DayTime Hooker- Chasing Green

Average Mammals- Dissapear

The August Guns- Fire In The Sky

Bullet to the Heart- Trials and Tribulations

Bullet to the Heart- Locked Inside

Sweet Ascent- Watch it Burn

City of the Weak- Not This Time

Divide The Fall- Our Existence

Trita- Bluer Sky

Alborn- Full Circle

Gabriel and The Apocalypse- Beauty Under Glass

St. October- Eclipsing

Dark Agenda- Vampire

NonGrata-Who Saves The Hero

NonGrata- Realize

Grave Crops- Rise