Noise From the Garage for December 23rd

Noise From the Garage for December 23rd

2018 is quickly coming to an end and the 2nd half of tonight’s segment of Noise From the Garage will be focusing on the New Year’s Eve Festivities taking place at our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Local Cedar Valley band, Guss Royall will be hosting their CD release show that evening and will be joining me in the studio tonight to show off some new tunes, perform a song in the studio, and talk new music. Get ready to rock with the best local artists from the Midwest from 7-9pm only on Rock108! Tonight’s music line-up can be found below.


The Illusive Flavor- Where You Gonna Go

Hex Girls- What’s Eating You

Knubby- She Don’t Always Play By The Rules

Slow Retreat- Broken Compass

The Other Brothers-  Howlin

Conway- Every Single Time

The Legal Immigrants- Hang On

The Legal Immigrants- Stole From The Sun

Lefthand Lover- Lost Boy

Revolt Coda- Tonight

Blacklist Regulars- Beyond

Cold Kingdom- The Break

Careful Gaze- Wolf


Careful Gaze- Cavendish

Hazer- Easy Way Out

Hazer- Blow Me Away

404- Spin Off

The Zealots- Medicine Man

The Zealots- Only Rocks Live Forever

Guss Royall- Take Take Take

Guss Royall-Sha-Doobie