Noise From the Garage for December 30th

Noise From the Garage for December 30th

It is the last segment of Noise From the Garage on Rock108 for 2018! I want to start off with a huge thank you to every band who has been apart of the segment, to anyone who has tuned in for the show, and of-course the biggest shout out to our sponsor, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo for being the biggest support of live and local music in the Cedar Valley.

I wanted the last segment of the year to be special for the bands and the fans, so tonight’s segment is featuring all requested bands. I asked on my fb page to tag some of your favorite bands who have been featured on Noise From the Garage, so thank you to all who tagged and I hope you enjoy the last segment of Noise From the Garage for 2018.


Evan Stock Band- Melt the Sun

Evan Stock Band- The Satisfier

Space Monkey Mafia- Don’t Walk Away

Sleepwell- New Low

Sleepwell- Dear Annette

Five AM- Wrong

Average Mammals- Small Talks

Careful Gaze- Cavendish

Wenslow- Song of the Lost

Manhattan Blockade- Compliments and Lies

Manhattan Blockade- Dont Taze Me Bro

Odd’s of an Afterthought- Share My Grave

Odd’s of an Afterthought- Strongholds

Legion of Kings- Depression

Legion of Kings- Black Widow

Slumlord Radio- Bullwhip  

Grave Corps- Rise

Grave Corps- Die Pretty

Still Standing- The Never Ending Catharsis

Guilty of Treason- Prisoner of Mind

Gulity of Treason- Nameless

Jim-Jones- 909

Astral Space- Alive