My Friends and I Attempt at Replicating ‘Jackass’ [Video]

My Friends and I Attempt at Replicating ‘Jackass’ [Video]

Even though there was a warning to ‘Not Try This At Home’….we still did it anyway.

I have resisted posting this video for years and years, but screw it…here we go.

My friend Bruce had this idea years ago where we still recorded home videos on on something called ‘Video Tape’…at that time the newest tech was Mini-DV tapes and iMovie was the most effective quick editing.

Introducing to you….PEFA, which stood for ‘Pathetic Excuse for Attention.’

Where we basically went around, did stupid s&^$, and recorded it. There is actually 2 real episodes of this show, and one of them even played on Grand Rapids Public Access a few times, which was pretty cool to see. The other is this one…that made it to the internet back in 2007, but was filmed I think in 2006, I don’t really remember.

Watching this is like looking into a time capsule…Guitar Hero was still a huge seller, so the idea of breaking a Guitar Hero guitar was like throwing money away, and we also destroyed a computer monitor, cause breaking stuff is cool. Also? Shirtless teenager Ned with a sweet backwards hat and Hot Topic necklace….yeesh.

As you can probably tell in the video, this is VERY PRE-YouTube…and the video didn’t transfer well over the years, but it’s still there and all it’s greatness.

This might be the perfect example don’t post everything on the internet…it’ll stay there…forever and ever ever and ever and ever…