Kickstarter’s ‘Lovesync Button’ Claims to Improve Your ‘Getting Laid’ Frequency

Kickstarter’s ‘Lovesync Button’ Claims to Improve Your ‘Getting Laid’ Frequency

Having trouble asking your lover about having the bedroom wrestle? Well, there is an answer!

Meet the Lovesync Button! Where any vocal discussion, sexy talk, and event the art of seduction with your partner is completely abandoned with the simple touch of a button! Basically you put each button on each others side of the bed on your end tables, and when someone is ‘ready to go’ they push the button…this then lights up the other button and the other can reply to whether they want to ‘get down’ by pressing their button, or even DENY you by holding the button for 4 Seconds….ouch.

This button claims to enhance your romance, increase sexual frequency, avoid awkward rejection, and improve romantic communication.

No talk, no problem………WHAT?!?!

Where’s the adventure? Where’s the looks? What about the surprise? What about the mystery? It STREAMLINES the whole thing!

That being said…not every couple is perfect and has a strong sex life…so this may ACTUALLY work for a lot of couples, so I won’t dog on it…but it’s another way of non-communication with your partner, which being married for almost 6 years? Communication is easily the top thing you need with each other for a strong marriage. Also this video is pretty awesome…at first glance of this whole thing, I instantly thought NO WAY…but after the video? I was kind of on board.

Does the Lovesync button fit your lifestyle? Then CLICK HERE to support.