A Quick Review of ‘Captain Marvel’

A Quick Review of ‘Captain Marvel’

Last night I went and checked out the latest Marvel movie in theaters.

Captain Marvel hit theaters this past weekend and last night I went and checked it out. Like I have mentioned before in my many Marvel movie reviews, I really have no idea where a lot of these characters come from and I don’t know the origin story, but I do know I enjoy a good action flick. I enjoy what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us this far.

So what is my quick review of Captain Marvel?

I had fun, but it’s not my favorite origin story.

It’s a good movie and pretty simple to follow. Brie Larson does quite well on becoming a likable character, but honestly, I wasn’t sure that I liked her as the Captain at first. Like Scarlett Johannsen, she is a strong character and you can tell in her facial expressions when she’s being ‘smarmy’ or a ‘smart ass.’ It took me a second to figure that out with Brie…but maybe that’s not was she was going after.

Speaking of strong characters, Larson’s Captain Marvel is incredibly strong and the movie does quite well showcasing that. Defeating the social stereotype that woman can’t do everything and crushing the ‘damsel in distress’….let’s just say, Captain Marvel kicked some serious ass and I would say is a great role model for woman. I loved that part of the movie!

I won’t go in to the Stan Lee stuff…cause I don’t want to ruin it for you.

The story was pretty typical and it didn’t really do much new. This movie was all about the character and really her introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the true buildup to the next Avengers movie which comes out in just about a month. It’s kinda like when Sega was releasing the 32X gaming console alongside the Sega Saturn….why buy the 32X when you can get the better version of Sega Saturn in about a month?

Like I said, it’s good but not great and the main attraction is Captain Marvel, and as a character? She’s fantastic, and I’m looking forward to seeing her in Avengers.