Toy Story 4 Trailer Surfaces Online [Video]

Toy Story 4 Trailer Surfaces Online [Video]

You got a friend in me.

You know those movies that seemingly had a perfect ending? That was Toy Story 3, it just ended seemingly perfect with all the ‘feels’ in the world….so like Disney….we better make a 4th one.

Naturally, here is the first official trailer to Toy Story 4.

The first 3 movies were seemingly perfect…the first movie being a certifiable classic, but I feel like with these movies they very well could have ended it at 3. Like Back to the Future, there can’t be a 4th one…the movies are basically perfect the way they are.

That being said, I will probably see this one in theaters…I mean hell, they’re fun movies and characters, why not go out and have a good time