Inaugural ‘Sonic Temple Festival’ in Ohio Completely SOLD OUT!

Inaugural ‘Sonic Temple Festival’ in Ohio Completely SOLD OUT!

Good luck getting tickets to the big show if you want.

Formerly known as Rock on the Range, the first ever Sonic Temple Festival has sold out for it’s very first year!

It makes sense though as the previous years of Rock on the Range have sold out entirely for the past few years. Even with a name/brand change, that didn’t stop rockers from all around the country and even some parts of the world to make their way to Columbus, OH to rock out with bands like System of a Down, Foo Fighters, Ghost, Disturbed, Bring Me the Horizon, Chevelle, and MANY MANY others.

As a past Rock on the Ranger, it’s cool to see that the festival even with a brand change is still able to attract thousands upon thousands of people, solidifying the fact that Sonic Temple will most likely continue forward in the years to come, and of all places? Columbus, OH.

That festival was sure something to behold, especially if you were working it for a radio station/media outlet. They had this HUGE tent that you favorite artist would just come into and hang out, looking for interviews, and just having fun.

I hope someday I will make it back to that festival, but in the meantime? There are some MAJOR festivals occurring in the states surrounding Iowa…so I’m good.