5 Songs That Never Get Old For Me

5 Songs That Never Get Old For Me

We all have those songs that just never get old.

You know those songs…you’ve played it like 48 trillion times and it still sounds as awesome and fresh as it did when it first hit the airwaves. Maybe even some that are on albums that never got the love you feel they deserve.

I’m going to share 5 songs that I feel will just never get old for me…the moment this song comes on the radio or clicks over on my iPod…I’ll never skip it…I just love it that much. Now there are probably more than 5 songs, but I figured for this list, I’d try to reduce the number a bit.

So let’s do it!

Pop Evil-Waking Lions

The moment this song was released from their most recent album, I fell in love with it. It’s powerful, has some sick guitar riffs, and hearing Leigh just scream out ‘WAKING THE LIONS IN ME!” just punches you in the stomach.

It’s a song that if you’re going for a run, lifting weights, or just need that extra push…Waking Lions is a near perfect song for your playlist.

I’ll crank this one any day.

FEVER 333-Prey For Me

This is kind of a newer one and is considered an album cut, but I think it’s one of the best off their debut album ‘Strength in Numb333rs.’

Anytime my wife and I listen to the album, I ALWAYS Fast Forward to this track. It just has this chorus that empowers me and gives me goosebumps. The first time I had heard it was live at Northern Invasion a couple of years ago where not only was I introduced to them, but heard this song for the first time ever.

I knew the moment that I heard this song, I was not only gonna love this band, but consider this a song that will never get old for me.

KISS-Detroit Rock City

You know I am a KISS fan obviously, but I do credit this song with being probably my favorite song of all time.

I love the bass riff, guitar solo, and obviously the fact that it says Detroit in it. As a former Michigander, I always loved Detroit, regardless of all the bad press it gets. ‘Detroit Rock City’ is just one of those definitive rock songs that for me never ages. I know Rock N’ Roll All Nite is the supposed definitive KISS song, but I think DRC rocks harder.

Slipknot-The Heretic Anthem

The song that go me into Slipknot…I still think Iowa is their best album, but let’s not go into that.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was funny and ridiculous…but the more I listened to it, the more my head would start to bob cause I was enjoying the song so much. This video also solidified my love of the band, it’s just so damn epic and powerful. Corey Taylor at that time to was in my opinion the top of this voice game. He’s still awesome, but damn you can hear that passion in his vocal performance.

It was from that day forward I became a Slipknot fan, and this is still the song I can’t get enough of.


I may not be the biggest Soundgarden fan of all time, but something about this song just makes me turn up the speakers in the Rock 108 studio.

The song just rocks man.

I was fortunate enough to see him perform this song live, and it sounded just as awesome as it does on the radio. The moment you hear that guitar, you know what you are in for. Easily the highlight of this song is the chorus and how well Chris’ vocals match with the pitch of the guitar playing.

I think it may be Soundgarden’s best song, or at least my favorite.