A Quick Review of ‘Men In Black: International’

A Quick Review of ‘Men In Black: International’

Last night I went and checked out the latest entry into the Men In Black franchise.

It has been since 2012 since we have seen a Men in Black movie, in this case the 3rd movie. The original film was a lot of fun, the second was forgettable, and the 3rd was an interesting take on the characters….so here we go into the unexpected 4th movie. This time newcomers Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson taking the helm of the MIB, and Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson are there too.

So my quick review of MIB: International?

A forgettable cash in

I really enjoyed the original trilogy. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones had a great chemistry on screen together, kind of like a father/son relationship in a way. Old man teaching the kid new tricks right? I got NONE of that from this film. Tessa Thompson is more like a fan of this mysterious agency that wanted to be part of it, which is fine if done right…but she basically just kind of ends up there.

I didn’t care about the characters, in a movie that is all about character! Face it, the movie is about an agency that keeps outer space aliens from taking over the world. At the center of it all, is these 2 HOPEFULLY larger than life people that we NEED to love, we NEED to care for…I didn’t find any kind of care. The main character Agent M (Tessa Thompson) has very little story to build on. They tried to connect us to her character at one point, but it was so tossed in the 3rd Act of the movie, by that point, I cared very little.

Also let’s not forget Mr. Eye Candy Chris Hemsworth…he was a bumbling idiot that I feel could be a really good actor if given a good dramatic role. Wait……this all sounds familiar….

Mother of God…this is Ghostbusters Reboot 2.0!!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Strong female lead with bumbling Chris Hemsworth.

They made this movie to expose to our nostalgic senses and hopefully we’d pay to go see it, which I did, and many other people I think will too. It just didn’t work for me, maybe you’ll think differently. I didn’t feel engaged, I rolled my eyes a few times, and it didn’t do anything new.

Oh well, maybe next time.