Original Pokemon Card Collection Sells For Mucho Bucks

Original Pokemon Card Collection Sells For Mucho Bucks

Got any old Pokemon cards laying around?

If you are reading this and a living breathing human being, you probably have heard or know what Pokemon is. It’s a cultural phenomenon that has been taking over the world since 1998 and has never really slowed down since. As a kid in that time, I fell for it hard too…and even collected the cards.

I guess I should have held onto them longer AND taken real good care of them, as a collector who knew what they were when they came out in 1999 recently sold a MINT and RARE Pokemon card collection for a whopping $100,000! CLICK HERE and you can see the auction yourself.

Now before you start thinking you’re Pokemon cards are worth thousands, this guy had ALL original 103 cards, 1st Edition, and graded PERFECT 10’s and certified Gem Mint….so, this collection was near one of a kind.

As a kid, I just collected the cards, and when I got older, I ended up selling my collection to some kid in High School for about $5, and my holographic cards were stolen from me from some of my brothers friends….so, I had pretty much everything working against me in that department.