Video Store Nostalgia

Video Store Nostalgia

Did you know there is only one Blockbuster left in the United States, and it’s located in Bend, Oregon?!  Having lived in Eastern Iowa, specifically Cedar Rapids for only 5 weeks, I instantly felt like a kid when Ned told me about an ACTUAL video store that still existed here!  I came from Seattle where there were no video stores left, which is pretty much how it is most places now.  Video stores of course started dying out with the introduction of Netflix years ago.  I was adamant to get my tush over to Family Video to try and relive some of my favorite memories.  Memories of a simpler time.


Apparently, there are multiple locations of Family Video still here in Iowa.  This makes me so happy. I walked into this store, and was immediately taken back to a younger me. The smell of the cases when you open them, seeing the candy section, etc.  I remember as a kid, begging Mom and Dad to PLEASE let me get some Twizzlers and popcorn!  Back in my elementary school days, Mom and Dad would always take my brothers and I to Video Kingdom which was in McCook, Nebraska. The exterior looked like a stone castle, and it was truly a magical place for us!

The last time I was in a video store before Family Video here in Cedar Rapids, was at Blockbuster in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.  It was 2005 and I’d go there almost every day after work.  It was my decompression time.  I distinctly remember renting House of 1000 Corpses” for the first time!  That’s when I got hooked on Rob Zombie flicks.  That movie made me feel physically dirty like if you didn’t bathe for a week, and I watched it twice in a row lol. Another memory was when I was trying to rent “The Gingerdead Man” .  (Yes, I LOVE campy holiday horror flicks.) I went to 3 different Blockbuster locations to find it!

Here’s what I got at my first trip to Family Video:

Yes, I’ve seen these a bazillion times, but being able to physically rent them was better than s.., I mean.. spicy Thai peanut sauce 😉

Keep video stores alive!