Pumpkin Spice SPAM Anyone?

Pumpkin Spice SPAM Anyone?

Are there any products that this damn pumpkin spice craze won’t invade?  Apparently NOT!

On September 23rd, SPAM will welcome their newest flavor, Pumpkin Spice…?!!  The meat substance will be garnished with cinnamon, clove, allspice and nutmeg, and will only be available for purchase via Spam.com and Walmart.com.

Here’s I how I feel about that…  DO NOT COMBINE.

One taster said that it tasted like breakfast sausage.  I asked some listeners today if they would eat Pumpkin Spice SPAM.  The majority said they would only eat it if they were paid.  Robert was the exception, saying that he would eat it only because he will try anything once.  I then asked him if he were presented with a plate of bacon, a plate of sausage and a plate of Pumpkin Spice SPAM, which one would he eat?  He said he would eat the bacon.

Has the pumpkin spice craze gone too far?  It’s everywhere these days.  Cereal, coffee, chips, cookies, Twinkies, toothpaste, lotions, perfumes, hair products and the list goes on!  I even saw pumpkin spice bologna once!  Will this fad fade out, or can we expect a pumpkin apocalypse in 2025?

Think I might go next door to the coffee shop now.  Will probably order a pumpkin spice latte.

Much love to you, pumpkin!

Keep pumpkin that iron!  Sorry…