Everybody? TOOL Day….is Tomorrow

Everybody? TOOL Day….is Tomorrow

How long have we been waiting?

Yes folks, the day we have all been waiting for, well at least TOOL fans have been waiting for…is finally here.

The last Tool album was ‘10,000 Days’ in 2006

The long awaited new Tool record ‘Fear Inoculum’ releases tomorrow to store shelves and digital. How long have we been waiting? 13 years? Good god…you know a lot can happen in 13 years, so let’s see what I have accomplished in 13 years.

  • Got my first full time gig in radio
  • Did my first on air radio shift
  • Went to my first rock festival (Rock on the Range)
  • Owned 2 different vehicles
  • Paid my student loans
  • Moved out of my parents place
  • Friends have all had kids and are going into their First Grade year
  • Went and graduated from Eastern Michigan University
  • Got married
  • Moved to Iowa

I could be here all day listing the things I have done in the past 13 years since Tool released their album, and now…that time is coming to a close.

As long as it took Tool to released a new album, I pretty much built my life.