9 Years Ago, I Bought the ‘Legendary’ Jeep

9 Years Ago, I Bought the ‘Legendary’ Jeep

9 years of a vehicle I have given so much love, it’s irritating.

When I moved to Rock 108 almost 4 years ago, I brought with me a vehicle that quickly became a popular topic on Rock 108. One of the things I like to do on Rock 108 is try to relate with you, and one of the big things I think that can relate with? Car troubles.

Sharing my car issues hopefully makes you laugh a little or at least feel sorry for me, and 9 year ago today, I purchased the Jeep that you all know and love…I dubbed it the Millennium Falcon. Why that name? Cause like Han Solo said in Star Wars: A New Hope….

‘She might not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts kid.’

I may like to complain about the troubles this thing has given me over the years, and chances are if it can happen to a vehicle? I has happened to me, whether is be an alternator, random sensor, rear main seal, rear differential, countless gaskets, you name it…it has probably happened to it….but that being said, I have not ever had to do a MAJOR repair to it. If you know Jeeps, the Straight 6-Engine is an absolute beast and is still going at 206,000 miles!

When will the Jeep call it day and die on the side of the road? I have no damn clue…but as long as I care for her like you should with ANY vehicle (change your damn oil people…) she’ll keep rocking.