49 Years Ago, Black Sabbath Released ‘Paranoid’

49 Years Ago, Black Sabbath Released ‘Paranoid’

Easily one of the greatest albums of all time.

49 years ago, where I wasn’t even thought of…Black Sabbath released a major album in their career…’Paranoid.’

The album is home to War Pigs, Iron Man, Paranoid, Planet Caravan, and probably my favorite track off the album Electric Funeral. When you think Black Sabbath, there is probably a 95% chance you are thinking about this album.

Before I was a Black Sabbath fan, I was an Ozzy Osbourne solo fan…Blizzard of Oz is still one of my favorite albums. After I discovered Ozzy though, I dove a little more into his career and discovered he was the leader of some band named ‘Black Sabbath’…and that’s when I discovered Paranoid, and became a fan forever.

War Pigs is metal anthem! When you think the origins of heavy music, Black Sabbath is one (if not…) the ONLY band you think of, and Paranoid led the charge for many people.