What the Hell Flavor is the New Mystery Oreo?

What the Hell Flavor is the New Mystery Oreo?

Do you like Oreos?  I can’t stand them.  The chocolate sticks in your teeth and makes it look like they’re rotting. I decided to push aside my dislike for a day, because I wanted to try and win $50,000.  That’s right.  You can go to mytseryoreo.com and enter.  You can guess up to 25 times per day through November 11th.

I will say first off that the cookie is quite tasty.  I was surprised that I was actually enjoying an Oreo cookie.  (Although, I HAVE been ultra hungry for crap food lately.)  At first open of the package, I instantly smelled a holiday scent of sorts, like gingerbread and cinnamon. Connor said that it smelled like one of his fiance’s Fall candles.  My first guess was gingerbread.  THEN, I remembered that the last time Oreo did a mystery flavor, it was of a cereal… Fruity Pebbles.  My mind then went to cereals.  My top two guesses are Golden Grahams or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Connor and Russ think it’s a gingerbread house.

The package also included a clue.  See below…

What is your guess??