Metallica Posts Countdown Clock, Ends on Oct. 10th

Metallica Posts Countdown Clock, Ends on Oct. 10th

What is Metallica up to?

If you click over to Metallica’s new site, you will see one thing and one thing only….a countdown clock. The countdown clock will end on Oct. 10th, but what is also interesting about this clock though is that fact that all of the big rock festivals like Louder Than Life, Sonic Temple, Epicenter have all posted a clock that ALSO ends on Oct. 10th as well.

What could this mean? Here are a few ideas I have.

  • Metallica will perform at all of these festivals
  • Metallica announced a physical release of S&M 2
  • Lars Ulrich buys a new skull cap
  • Robert Trujillo will cut his hair
  • Metallica announces that they will play to the Great White Sharks with KISS
  • Some kind of Metallica branded something

When Metallica announces something, it’s usually a pretty damn big deal, and those rock festivals are probably just promoting the fact that Metallica is doing something….who knows, I guess we’ll find out on Oct. 10th!