More Iowa Exploring – Turned Off GPS On My Road Trip & Ended Up In Vinton!

More Iowa Exploring – Turned Off GPS On My Road Trip & Ended Up In Vinton!

A weekend without a road trip somewhere for me is like not eating.  If I don’t do it I get irritable.  Yesterday, I woke up way too early on my day off as usual, and set out to Palo to check out Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, otherwise known as 13 Steps Cemetery.  I get there and the entrance is blocked off.  At first I was seriously bummed, but then decided to try something new.  I shut off my GPS, and took off on back country roads, not caring where I would end up.  It was a natural high.

The drive with no certain destination was peaceful as hell, even though I had Rob Zombie cranked to max volume.  I love the open Iowa countryside!

After an hour or so of driving and stopping to take photos (and getting weird looks from drivers passing by), I stumble upon Vinton!

I cruise towards the sign that points to the business district.  Right away I notice this unique, massive house!

Next, to my right, I see an old train depot!

Next, I see this huge old school!  The windows look boarded up, so pretty sure it’s abandoned?  I tried Googling it, but no luck.  Let me know if you know anything about this building!

I take a left, and immediately see the Benton County Courthouse which is amazing as hell!  I love old buildings!  (I’m still getting weird looks as people are driving by.)  I just smile and wave haha.

Downtown Vinton is very quaint!  Unfortunately, it was early Sunday morning, so none of the businesses were open.

I find a Casey’s.  Stop to refuel with coffee, and ask a really nice employee where else I should go.  He told me to head toward the hospital to check out the river bank.  I said “hell yeah, man!”

I find the riverfront, and realize it’s a park dedicated to Veterans!

After reading all about the veterans, I turn around and the riverfront is right there.  Absolutely beautiful area!

I spent about 2 hours in Vinton, and hope to go back very soon!

Please let me know about what town you live in, and why I should take a road trip there!  I’d love to do more exploring!

Much love,