4 Years Ago, I Accepted My Position Here At Rock 108

4 Years Ago, I Accepted My Position Here At Rock 108

Holy crap everyone, it’s been 4 freakin’ years!

According to Facebook, 4 years ago, I accepted my position of Afternoon Guy on Rock 108 and man, what a ride it has been.

A lot can happen in 4 years, and a lot sure has! My 4 years here have been am absolute blast and it was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career. Rock 108 has been an absolute joy to work at since Day 1. The people I have had the pleasure to work with whether they are still here or have moved onto other things, have all been awesome.

Just a quick list of the things that I have had the pleasure of doing these past 4 years, and some major accomplishments.

  • Trips to Northern Invasion & Rock USA
  • Reconnecting with Ivan Moody of FFDP
  • Working with some radio legends from Iowa and across the nation
  • Being identified as the ‘Eastern Iowa Nerd’
  • Attending concerts seemingly everyday
  • Making some great video content
  • Paying off my student loans…entirely
  • Discovering how effing epic Iowa Sweet Corn is
  • Performing with Pop Evil
  • Driving to Dave Ellefson’s Coffee Shop
  • Attending concerts in Minneapolis, MN
  • Just REALLY diving into the radio business
  • Seriously….this list could go on…I have a lot.

However one of my biggest things that I love? The listeners…you guys…seriously! Back at my old station, I had people come up and say hello! But here? You are some of the most passionate and loving listeners I could ever ask for. You get involved, you call in, you come to the concerts and station apperaences, it’s unlike ANYTHING I have ever seen in radio and it’s freaking amazing.

4 years ago, my wife and I made the decision to coming to Iowa…while it was hard on us as any move is? We are fortunate and lucky to say you guys made it A TON easier.

Thank you.