What I Would Do With $250,000? Some Life Changing Stuff!

What I Would Do With $250,000? Some Life Changing Stuff!

Right freakin’ now at Rock 108, you can get signed up to have your chance at playing the Perfect Playlist contest!

What you do is go to rock108.com and simply register to win right…easy peasy….but seriously, what if you did win that $250,000. What would be your first thing? Look at your bank account right now…it’s probably enough to get you by. Paying your bills, car payment, rent, mortgage, childcare…society has A TON we have to pay for today, and never enough just to have fun.

Now I can’t win, I work here, so I am ineligible…but I have won things before, it is possible! I take winners seemingly every single day and a lot of them mention how they have NEVER won something before…listen, you CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T TRY! That being said, what would I do with $250,000 if I was able to win? A few things…

  • Week long trip to Tokyo, Japan
  • Week long trip to Ireland
  • Buy a reasonable house
  • Put away the rest

I’d also give some to my parents & in laws, cause they have done a lot for us in the past and I’d love to send them maybe on a cruise or something.

Honestly that probably eats it all up! But see? YOU HAVE THE CHANCE AS A ROCK 108 LISTENER to win some life changing money! I know you think well….what are the chances of actually winning….well NONE if you don’t register.

Even if there is a TINY chance of winning, at least there is a chance!

So register and at least give it a shot, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.