Spending Christmas By Yourself – Fun Or Not Fun?

Spending Christmas By Yourself – Fun Or Not Fun?

If you celebrate Christmas, what are your plans this year?  Do you enjoy big gatherings with friends and family, or do you prefer to stay at home and chill on Christmas?

For me, I am very much looking forward to chilling alone for the holiday!  The past 4 Christmases I have done just that and LOVED it. I love my family, but the for the past many years I lived up in Seattle and had to work, so I just chilled at home. These were the pretty trees outside of my apartment there.

Also, I’m single with no kids AND a major introvert, so a Christmas at home by myself with Netflix is like heaven on Earth. Luckily, I got to see my family over Thanksgiving this year.

I hardly cook, but I always try to make something for myself on Christmas.  This year I plan on doing the whole crock-pot thing.  Will probably make a beef tenderloin with carrots and taters. Probably won’t look as good as this one, though… haha

OH!! Can’t forget stuffing!  And, YES… I actually prefer Stove Top to homemade stuffing!!

I might try and make Pineapple Upside-Down Cake again.  I made this one for my Momma a while back.

My favorite part about spending Christmas alone is you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.  PAJAMAS ALL DAMN DAY!

What are your plans this year?  Are you happy with your plans?  Tell me what your ideal Christmas Day would be if you had it YOUR way!