Hurts Donut In Cedar Falls Hiring a ‘Cupid’ to Deliver Donuts

Hurts Donut In Cedar Falls Hiring a ‘Cupid’ to Deliver Donuts

Do you love dancing, sprinkles, glitter & donut?

Then Hurts Donut in Cedar Falls has a job for you! The famed donut shop is hiring a Cupid to deliver donuts to the people of Iowa! In the listing, here is the job description.

ISO: A dashing cupid to help us spread Valentine’s Love & Donuts in the Cedar Falls area! $25/hour plus tips! Must love dancing, sprinkles, glitter & donuts. Needs to be able to chase, sing, & truffle-shuffle your way into the coldest of hearts. We will provide your diaper & wings!

If you posses the skills of a diaper wearing, rose petal throwing, dancing love baby come to OPEN AUDITIONS next Monday at 6pm!!

Cupid Work Hours would be 7:30am-5pm a few days or all of Valentines Week!

If you have a guitar, bring it
If you play an instrument, bring it
If you do the worm or you can drop it like it’s hot, BRING IT ON BROTHA!

(Try outs will be in full costume, provided by Hurts Donut!) (Full costume is not much of a full costume because it’s literally a diaper.)

This might be the perfect side gig for me….a tall blue haired hairy man in a diaper presenting donuts to the people of Iowa.

It’s perfection.