Subaru Showcases New Vehicle With Hilarious Acronym

Subaru Showcases New Vehicle With Hilarious Acronym

Is someone getting fired for this?

I hope not, cause it may be the funniest thing and most likely the biggest troll I have ever seen.Subaru has released a specialized kit to customize your Forester! It was unveiled at the 2020 Singapore Motor show…nothing special right? Until you look at the name of this specialized kit…

Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition.

Now you may noticed that I bolded the first letter in each one of those words…and yes, this is IN FACT how it was written out on the display model at the motor show…….freakin’….tastic.

They have since pulled the branding and have apologized for the mishap, but thanks to Twitter, the damage is already done and some Twitter gold is brewing.

The sad part is that since they have discontinued the kit, which means that they are no longer giving any f(&^s.