City of Waterloo Approves Contract for New Skate Park!

City of Waterloo Approves Contract for New Skate Park!


For the past few years, skaters in Waterloo have had nowhere to skate. Heck, even a for a few years now, Rock 108 has been in support of helping rebuild the skatepark! I remember being their for the first Save the Skatepark festival where many local bands performed outside to raise funds for it. The flood of 2016 unfortunately destroyed the old one and organizers have been working hard to raise funds, local bands showing support, even local venues giving their time to help the fallen park.

Then in a wonderful stroke of good news, the City of Waterloo’s council members voted unanimously to approve $359,000 to build a brand new park!

That is flippin’ sweet!

From The Courier: The project is being financed with a $150,000 grant from the Black Hawk County Gaming Association, a $100,000 grant from the Otto Schoitz Foundation, $2,000 from the CedarLoo Skatepark Association and up to $150,000 in city bonds as needed.

Congrats to all the skaters, your hard work paid off! You can read the FULL STORY below.