Today’s ‘Fat Friday’ Menu

Today’s ‘Fat Friday’ Menu

YES!!  It’s once again Fat Friday!!  If you missed out on last week’s Fat Friday menu, see it HERE.

Today is a special Fat Friday since it’s also Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t be more pumped!  To remind you of what Fat Friday is… It’s my cheat day.  I eat ANYTHING I want to eat, but only on Fridays.  I talk about it on the air every Friday, and ask people to call in with food suggestions.

Jeremy Etter suggested lobster dip and crackers for my appetizer, which I will purchase today at Hy-Vee.  Thanks, Jeremy!

Today, Bob DuBree suggested Valentine’s Biscuits and Gravy. BlackBerry Jam Biscuits.  He also sent this photo:

Thanks, Bob!  This will be tonight’s main entree!

Last week, Bob also mentioned carrot cake for dessert.  Carrot cake is my FAV!!

Carrot cake will be today’s dessert!

AND, since it’s Valentine’s Day… why the hell not have 2 damn desserts!  I’m going to get a heart box of chocolates to top everything off!  After all… it’s FAT FRIDAY!!  WHOOT!

Send me suggestions for next week!  Happy Valentine’s Day!