Hinder Announces Tour with Wayland & Blacktop Mojo

Hinder Announces Tour with Wayland & Blacktop Mojo

Tours upon tours upon tours.

Seriously, 2020 needs to slow down with all these rock tours happening this year. If you think that there are no rock concerts happening, then open your freakin’ eyes and throw a stone, cause chances are that stone is gonna hit a venue that has a band playing at it that night. So let’s toss another log into the fire that is touring bands this year shall we?

Hinder has announced a 15th anniversary tour featuring Wayland and Blacktop Mojo!

Now that’s pretty cool! A pretty big bummer is that this tour is not even hitting the state of Iowa, even once…

However if you don’t mind traveling a little bit

  • April 25-Wisconsin Dells, WI
  • April 27-Joliet, IL

Oh well, maybe they’ll add a tour stop on the 26th…I mean they gotta drive through Eastern Iowa anyway right?