More Iowa Exploring – Ottumwa

More Iowa Exploring – Ottumwa

I decided to take a road trip down to Ottumwa Saturday since it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY.  Beforehand, I had Googled “historic hotels in Iowa” and Hotel Ottumwa popped up.  I LOVE old buildings, especially hotels!

Hotel Ottumwa is located right downtown on Second Street.  I’m looking at this building and picturing it in all it’s glory when it opened in 1919. Picturing people all dressed up to attend events in the ballroom.

I enter and get my first glimpse of the lobby.  Looks like original tile and woodwork!

Just to the left of the lobby, there is a bar, and to the right there is a restaurant that serves American cuisine.  They also have a buffet at night, PLUS you can order pizza 24 hours a day!

They still have the original lobby ashtrays.

I go up to the 2nd floor to check out the ballroom.  I’m instantly reminded of my favorite movie, “The Shining”.

Next, I go up to the 5th floor to my Queen Executive room.  The room was very large with a sofa.

Here was the view from my little window.  Older buildings mostly had small windows, versus the large ones today.

I walked around downtown and found some fun antique/junk stores.  I thought the City Hall building looked kinda spooky at night, so I took this pic.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my brief trip to Ottumwa!

Where should I go next? (Ned says I need to go to Galena, IL.)